Executive production, Tu parles !? le français…, MAC Lyon/Bruxelles


Interactive exhibition “Tu parles le français !?…dans tous ces états”

Musée d’Art Contemporain Lyon (MAC), France and in Brussels, Belgium in 2000

Production: Intégral Concept by architect Philippe Délis, Paris, 1999-2000

Executive production: Katia Hermann

The organisation Mission 2000 in France and the city of Lyon are celebrating the french language with the interactive exhibition “Tu Parles !? le français dans tous ses états” (“You speak !? the french in all its states”) for the Millennium. The spectacular show explores the multiplurality of the french language, the history and stories, the francophonie and the creativity as well as the sounds and musicality of the language. “Tu parles !? le français dans tous ses états” is shown simultaneously in Lyon, Dakar and Brussels. In each country the exhibition space presents a local version of the common topic. The scenography is designed by architect Philippe Délis with his team of the agency Intégral Concept in Paris.