Initiator of: FRÜHJAHRSPUTZSMANIFEST- An exhibition and collaboration by Laure Catugier & Elma Riza @RETRAMP


An exhibition and collaboration by Laure Catugier & Elma Riza

29.04.2021 until 4.05.2021 for the Gallery Weekend 

Opening Thursday, April 29th, from 4 pm to 8 pm

Opening hours: Friday to Tuesday 3 pm to 7 pm

Live drawing “Around” by Elma Riza Saturday, May 1, 4 pm to 6 pm.

RETRAMP Gallery, Reuterstr.62, 12047 Berlin,

The lockdown doesn’t just have negative aspects. Who hasn’t had the bright idea to repaint their home, sort out their belongings or thoroughly renovate their business during this time of enforced withdrawal? Here is finally an opportunity to consider these small projects or a major interior cleaning. After so many months of lockdown, during which many closed places have transformed their spaces, the idea is to invite the public into a universe that takes shape by isolating elements and activating them in a space reinvented by the artists.

Elma Riza and Laure Catugier, like bad housekeepers, have embarked on a major spring cleaning of the Retramp gallery. They have chosen to use the gallery as a space for their experiments, where objects and actions are inextricably linked through the prism of sabotage. The two artists share a common approach to performance art, which aims at the misappropriation of manufactured objects, with a strong preference for the geometry of forms.

To renew the exhibition space, they use domestic, salvaged, maintained or renovated objects. They stage these everyday objects in actions that border on the absurd, where each object loses its functionality at the expense of gesture, of imagination.