URBAN ART WEEKend @ Kindl / 48h Neukölln 2019 / co-management


Urban Art e.V. was invited by 48h Neukölln

to organize a program with the topic “FUTUR III”, see below our 48h program:

The battle from A to Z is about letters and styles. 48 letters/symbols are developed by loaded writers in a 48h permanent overpainting.
Styles of the past and present versus styles of the future. The entire process is documented in a time-lapse.

Alphabet Graffiti Session @UAWend @48h Neukölln

Here it is: the video time lapse, that is much more than just that!:)Alphabet Graffiti Session On a temporary wall, the Latin alphabet was reinterpreted from A to Z in a continuous overpainting. This short film documents this process in which approx. 50 writers, artists, interested parties, kids and other freaks took part in 48 hours for 48h Neukölln. We thank all contributors for this great action.#uaw19 #48hnk #alphabetgraffitibattle #abcstyles #stylewriting #livepainting #videotimelapse #sehrbueno #bartvankersavond

Gepostet von UrbanArtWeek am Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2019

Stream of photographs by passionate amateur photographers from Berlin from past pieces, halls of fame, firewalls,
street art hot spots and wasteland from recent years. Past new urban art from other times and from today. With photographs by Petra Branke, Bart van Kersavond, Peter Lorenz, Sven Scholz called “Foto-Sven” and Angelika Bruder called “Graffiti-Oma”.
The Gallery of Tools presents revolutionary inventions and visionary constructions, such as those by Peter Pirelli, DTagno and others…

FORUM MUSEUM OF URBAN ARTS (Sunday, 16th of June 1-4pm)
Open discussion with presentations by local and national stakeholders to develop visions for the future of Urban Art(s).
How could the mediation and design of a future “Museum of Urban Arts” be?
With lectures by Thomas Bratzke/ZASD, Lukas Fuchsgruber, Lene ter Haar, Robert Kaltenhäuser.
Guests: Bianca Ludewig, Martin Gegenheimer, Don Karl, Mode2, NEON, Denis Leo Hegic, Annika Hirsekorn and more…
Presentation: Jochen Küpper

The Urban Art Week End is organized by Urban Art e.V.
Concept &Production: Thomas Bratzke/ZASD, Katia Hermann, Jochen Küpper, Mark Straeck, Senor Schnu