Friedensreich Hundertwasser – graphic works from 1951 to 1992, Schloss Britz Berlin

Friedensreich Hundertwasser – graphic works from 1951 to 1992
8.03.2008 -13.07.2008
Kulturstiftung Schloss Britz, Berlin

The exhibition shows 80 graphic works by austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (from 1951 to 1997), including all of his portfolios, some rare paintings, ceramics, the complete Brockhaus edition and the Hundertwasser bible. His famous prints are : “Die Flucht des Dalai-Lama” from 1959, “Good morning City” from 1970, the poster for the Olympic games in Munich, Germany from 1972 and his work “10.002 nights Homo Humus come va how do you do” from 1984, a lithograph printed 10.002 times, each copy with different colors creating unique sheets.  The elaborated serigraphy technique was developed by the artist in collaboration with a printing house in Venice, Italy.

Curated by Katia Hermann

photographs © Katia Hermann