Museography French Pavilion, Expo 2000 Hanovre

Thematic exhibition at French Pavilion Expo 2000 Hanovre
Theme: Movement, mobility, transports

The topic of the Expo 2000 was sustainability and movement. A selected film crew worked with scenographs, architects and designers to create a didactical course on 2000 m2 in the French Pavilion. The course of the exhibition started with the theme of french spatial technology and a spectacular projection of mother earth, then the visitor was going through volcanic landscapes, emerging in a vaste landscape with giant 3D-books and projections of french movies, walking into the human body space presenting medicinal french new technology and finally ending in a street perspective with several transporting machines. The visitor felt like walking through film stages supported by different soundtracks for each space, presenting old and new french technologies.

Commissioned by Mission 2000
Production: Cap Productions
Scenario: Pierre-Yves Chays
Scenography: Jacques Bufnoir
Adviser: Philippe Délis
Museography/in charge of the exhibits: Katia Hermann

Photographs © Katia Hermann